Because after the finish all the suffering turns to memories of pleasure, and the greater the suffering, the greater the pleasure.”

― Tim Krabbé, The Rider



COOLMAX® technology transports moisture away from the foot to keep the wearer cool and dry on hot days, while the fiber structures provide warmth on colder days, helping to optimize performance.


a person who embraces the simple pleasure of balancing on two wheels.

The Cyclist Co is a cultural curation for cyclists by cyclists, fashion-fused into lifestyle and based on the simple pleasures that come with riding a bicycle.

Cycling and the culture that accompanies it is more than just a way of life. It’s a form of self-expression – a journey charted through untamed paths where your senses are immersed in the beauty of nature and its surrounds.  This sense of freedom is our ethos. Be it the open road, a rocky descent or urban exploration – the notion of escapism and the connection between man, bicycle and nature is what fuels our passion.

At the Cyclist Co we strive to create products of immense quality using creative expression and high-end aesthetical merit to bring our vision to life. Cycling socks, cycling t-shirts, coffee and art. We love all forms of cycling and our range of products and timeless design integrity embodies the bicycle’s power to unite cultures and creeds.  Our designs are inspired by Cape Town, its beauty and its people, and produced in South Africa.

In essence the Cyclist Co allows you, dear rider, an affordable outlet to celebrate your style and individualism; to pay homage to the purest form of freedom known to man – the bicycle. As such this is echoed through our range of products. Our stylish and elegant socks are ultra-comfy as is our coffee – the ideal catalyst to kick-start your ride or fuel post-ride bike talk. Our t-shirts are works of art, fabric canvasses that capture various elements of bike culture using beautifully type-set designs and iconography. Then there’s our range of Cycling-inspired art captured on hand-printed high-quality paper celebrating feats achieved by legends of yesteryear – ideal for your bike room.